An plug-in for Jekyll

This plug-in is no longer supported, sorry!

I use the static webpage generator Jekyll for running this site and I absolutely love it. Combined with Github’s powerful github-pages feature, I get a well performing site with minimal effort and a convenient git-based workflow.

As you can see, I post a lot of SoundCloud tracks and videos on this site, but I find the process of composing embed links very dull and time-consuming.

To facilitate this process, I wrote a small Jekyll plug-in that acts as an oEmbed client using the API.

Once you’ve install the plug-in, it will automatically turn every embedly tag into a nice looking embed every time you compile your site. If you encounter any problems, make sure to file a report in the Issues tracker.

Now, do you care for an example?


{% embedly %}


{% embedly %}


{% embedly %}

Overall, supports over 180 services. I’ve made sure you can customize and style your embeds as well as possible.


Unfortunately, github-pages does not offer support for plug-ins for security reasons. To make use of this (and any other Jekyll plug-in), you have to compile your site yourself and push it to your pages repo manually.

Maybe they could include a plug-in like this in the future?

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