The Blackwell Series

Rosa Blackwell I’ve read much about the Blackwell series of indie point and click adventures and after the recent release of the latest entry in the series, The Blackwell Deception, I finally gave them a spin.

Written by Dave Gilbert, the games follow the story of medium-against-her-will Rosa Blackwell and her ghost parter Joey Mallone, bringing peace to the restless souls of recently deceased New Yorkers.

While I am still waiting for the DVD package I ordered, containing all four games of the series, I got to download the two latest ones: The Blackwell Convergence as well as aforementioned Blackwell Deception.

Another day, another satisfied spook.

The games, running at a decidedly oldschool 640x480, also feature a great, jazzy soundtrack. Listen for example to Rosa’s Theme from the Blackwell Deception:

Unfortunately, the team at Wadjet Eye decided to use the AGS Engine, a freeware adventure game engine that only runs on Microsoft Windows. I managed to get them working using VMWare Fusion, but the experience is shaky to say the least.

Still, this is a well written series of adventure games and I urge you to check it out.

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