Smooth asynchronous user interfaces for iOS apps — AsyncDisplayKit link

Facebook open-sourced their AsyncDisplayKit:

AsyncDisplayKit is an iOS framework that keeps even the most complex user interfaces smooth and responsive. It was originally built to make Facebook’s Paper possible, and goes hand-in-hand withpop’s physics-based animations — but it’s just as powerful with UIKit Dynamics and conventional app designs.

They’ve mentioned this multiple times before in their tech talks on Paper, I’m glad it’s finally out.

Anita Sarkeesian at XOXO Festival 2014 link

How to host speakers who also happen to be parents of young children link

My former boss Caroline gives some great advice on how to accomodate parents as speakers:

A tiny human shouldn’t get in the way of a great talk though. And it turns out that a lot of great speakers also become parents. As a conference organizer, what can you do to help make your event more accommodating for a speaker with a baby (and thus get a kick-ass presentation)?

Lisa Alma - Oh Darling link

Patrick - Under The Olives (Oh! Pears Cover) link

Dark Mode as iOS Accessibility Feature link

Grey (via Marco Arment):

I hoped in vain, for a system-wide dark mode.  Where the white background could go dark and the dark texts could go light.  

But alas, now with the official release of iOS 8, there is no dark mode.  I hoped Apple would implement it because dark mode isn’t just a feature for night time use.  For some of us  dark mode is an accessibility feature.

Technology needs to adapt to its users. If you don’t want to look at a bright, white app, then it should tone itself down – regardless of whether you have floaters or just want to read in bed.

The Cargo Cult of Game Mechanics link

Steve Wittens:

I’m posting the kind of opinion piece I wish I’d see on credible gaming sites, as someone who actually knows how the sausage is made.

If I go through an airlock in System Shock 2, it’s because I need what’s on the other side of it […].

If I go through an airlock in Mass Effect 3, it closes permanently because everything looks the same and too many players got turned around in testing.