Polychromatic link

Polychromatic in action!

Xcode plugins are all the rage right now and Polychromatic by Kolin Krewinkel is a nifty one: it assigns unique colors to properties, ivars, and local variables, making connections between statements more obvious.

It’s a really neat concept, I’m hoping a similar plugin will soon exist for Sublime Text.

Deckset link

Yesterday, Florian, Chris and the team at A Color Bright released Deckset, a phenomenal tool to create slick-looking slides from simple Markdown.

I’ve been part of the Beta and while I can’t quite yet leave my abusive relationship with Keynote, I highly recommend it to everybody who gives talks for fun or profit.

Can’t wait to see what they do next.

The Artsy iPhone app

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of working alongside the Artsy team on the latest update to their iPhone app.

Artsy is a website that tries to democratize the art world by putting it online, they currently feature over 100.000 artworks by over 18.000 artists.

For the recent Armory Show in New York, we added a custom floor plan to the existing app that would help visitors of the fair find their way and steer them to booths specifically selected for them.

I had a great time working with them and felt very welcome during the time that I spent at their New York office. If you happen to be looking, they are hiring, too. I highly recommend them.

Thanks, Orta, dB, Laura & Katarina.

Let's Talk about ReactiveCocoa!

Here are the slides of the ReactiveCocoa talk I gave at the Brooklyn iOS Developer Meetup in February.

Find the slides on Speaker Deck.

Thanks to Jeff and Stela for having me and to Orta for making the connection.

Scattle – Visitors link

Tycho - Montana link

Cocoa Kucha Berlin

Yesterday, I held a brief talk about the upcoming Mantle 2.0 that I am collaborating on at the Cocoa Kucha.

I had some trouble adjusting to the somewhat rigid 20 slides, 20 seconds system of Pecha Kucha, but I think it worked out in the end.

You can find the slides on Speaker Deck.

There we’re some fun talks by Boris Bügling, Claudiu Ursache, Jens Ravens, Florian Hanke, Chris Eidhof, Ilja Iwas and Orta.

Thanks to CodeKollektiv for having us and Orta for MCing the event.