PonyDebugger – Remote Debugging for iOS (Permalink)

[PonyDebugger][ponydebugger] is a powerful new tool released by the Square iOS team today. It consists of a client library and server component to remotely debug the network traffic and Core Data stack of your application

PonyDebugger acts as a powerful network debugger, allowing users the ability to see an application’s network requests in real time. This means that it reports not only all request and response headers, but how long each request takes, associated cookies and the data itself if it is human-readable.

What's especially nice is, that PonyDebugger is built on top of the WebKit Web Inspector. Web developers will feel right at home and it's a testament to the great work done by the WebKit team.

If your app communicates with one API or another, you're of course using SSL to shield your user's data against prying eyes. However, debugging an application that uses encrypted communication can sometimes be a hassle – encryption has to be turned off for debug builds or a specific, trusted certificate has to be installed. With PonyDebugger, there is now an alternative:

PonyDebugger forwards network traffic without sniffing it. This means that traffic sent over a secure protocol (https) is reported.

I've been using Charles Proxy for this and while I like it, I'm looking forward to having something more tightly integrated with the iOS platform.

But there's more, PonyDebugger can also be used to inspect your Core Data store. This makes browsing your data a breeze and should considerably speed up your Core Data debugging.

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